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Mandy Hoffman is a visionary composer and songwriter who has been writing for various mediums for over a decade.  She has scored numerous films, series, advertisements, and art installations that have appeared in theaters, top film festivals, television networks and galleries all over the world.  She is known for her nuanced scores that adhere closely to the fabric of moving pictures, strongly supporting both story and vision.

Her collaborations with director Azazel Jacobs have garnered critical acclaim, and her orchestral score to A24's The Lovers (2017) not only received abundant praise from the press, but it ended up on Film Music Magazine's Top Ten Best Scores of 2017.  High honors were received for indie favorites Terri (2011) and Momma’s Man (2008).  They also collaborated on the HBO/SKY series Doll & Em (2013-2015).  

Hoffman teamed up with Jill Soloway on the lauded Amazon Studios series titled I Love Dick (2017), and her music can be found on a myriad of television shows including Inside Amy SchumerAmerican Pickers, and The Voice to name a few.  Recently she worked with director Minhal Baig and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Overbrook Entertainment on the poetic feature HALA (2019), which premiered at Sundance 2019.  She has also collaborated with world-class artists including Marcos Lutyens and Barbara Husar to present installations in distinguished galleries located in New York, Paris, Vienna, Switzerland, Sweden, and Los Angeles.

She is a multi-instrumentalist with a keen understanding for dramatic nuance, and can write honestly in many musical styles and genres.  She is both versatile and unique.  Noticeably gifted as a child, she easily picked up new instruments and would often improvise compositions and melodies.  After being told countless times that her music sounded “cinematic”, she seriously pursued musical training, first as an multi-award winning student at Pasadena City College’s prestigious music program and was certified at UCLA Extension’s celebrated Film Scoring Program.  She is a 2018 class member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.















  1. THE LOVERS Chinese Food (Orchestral)

    THE LOVERS Chinese Food (Orchestral)

  2. THE LOVERS Intro & Title (Orchestral)

    THE LOVERS Intro & Title (Orchestral)

  3. LITTLE RUNAWAY Secrets  (String Quartet)

    LITTLE RUNAWAY Secrets (String Quartet)



  5. GRACE (Orchestral)

    GRACE (Orchestral)

  6. I LOVE DICK Dear Dick (Guitar)

    I LOVE DICK Dear Dick (Guitar)

  7. TERRI Coney Island (Piano)

    TERRI Coney Island (Piano)

  8. MOP & LUCKY Theme (Rock)

    MOP & LUCKY Theme (Rock)

  9. DOLL & EM The Play (Piano)

    DOLL & EM The Play (Piano)

  10. I LOVE DICK Day Drinking (Guitar)

    I LOVE DICK Day Drinking (Guitar)

  11. Lost Somewhere (Jazz)

    Lost Somewhere (Jazz)

  12. ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND Dangerous Love (Orchestral)

    ANA MARIA IN NOVELA LAND Dangerous Love (Orchestral)

  13. THE LOVERS Something Weird Happened / Mary Cries (Orchestral)

    THE LOVERS Something Weird Happened / Mary Cries (Orchestral)

  14. LIKE NEW The Crib / Facing Ghosts (Electronic)

    LIKE NEW The Crib / Facing Ghosts (Electronic)



Winter 2019 - Sundance was a blast!  HALA got picked up by Apple.  Also scored a short called REMEMBER that features a solo piano and an orchestral score.  Teamed up with a co-wirter for an indie feature called HONESTY WEEKEND that features a quirky, sexy score with lots of guitars and a baritone sax.  Also doing an orchestral arrangement for a concert event.  More to come!

Fall 2018 - So excited that HALA will be premiering at Sundance 2019 in the US Dramatic Competition! 

Sept 2018 -  The Future is Female was spectacular! What a glorious evening.  Also premiered GRACE at the Boston Film Festival, and what a great audience.  There was the Q&A with director Devin Adair, financier Laure Sudreau, and actor Tate Donovan.

August 2018 - Getting all prepped up for a big concert on Sept 4 at The Wiltern in LA, where the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra will perform the world premiere of my piece, "The Forest and the Trees".  It is part of The Future is Female  - A Concert Celebrating Women Composers, and I am one of 12 composers.  So honored to be included!  Click the link to buy tickets!

May 2018 -  I will be speaking on a panel on Weds May 23 at the Independent Film Project Labs addressing relationships between directors and composers.  On Thurs May 24, the first film I ever scored  - THE GOODTIMESKID - will be screening at Metrograph Theater in NYC.

Spring 2018 - Working on a new feature length comedy that has a very lively, fun score, and some personal projects in the works.

Winter 2018 - Finished an orchestral score for a beautiful film called HALA for Overbrook Entertainment that features a string quartet juxtaposed with a 30pc string orchestra creating a "push-pull" effect.  Got to work with some extremely talented humans on this one!  

Fall 2017 - Wrapped a delicate electronic score for the short film "Like New" which touches on some heavy material.  Looking forward to see where the film goes.  Starting work on a wonderful new feature led by a talented writer-director.  

September 2017- Participating in BMI's Fall Workshop with composer Rick Baitz and working on some short films.  

June 16, 2017 - Over at Avatar Studios again, this time finishing up the mix for the score for the feature film "Grace", written/directed by the talented Devin Adair.  The score came out super nice and marries some warm piano and guitar with some psychedelic synths and a live 40piece string orchestra.  

Coming Soon - I will be speaking live at the studio with radio host and film music aficionado, Devon Goldberg, on Tuesday May 30 from 7-8pm EST on WFMU.  We will be discussing the scores of The Lovers and I Love Dick.

May 12, 2017 - I Love Dick streams on Amazon and the score is available as a soundtrack on Amazon Prime Music.  Track #12 "Dear Dick" can also be found on "Best of What's New on Amazon Prime" playlist (along with Garth Brooks and Ariana Grande) as well as "Wild West Scores" alongside my heroes Ennio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein, and Carter Burwell.

May 5, 2017 - The Lovers Soundtrack has a digital release today!  CD coming on June 2- download or preorder here.   Also, the film is in theaters now in NYC, LA, and SF.  The reviews have been very kind and there are a lot of mentions of the score - make sure to click on the Press page to check them out.

May 1, 2017 - Film Music Magazine published a fun article about my Lovers score.  Check it out!

April 22, 2017 -   The Lovers premieres at the Tribeca Film Fest in the Spotlight section to a warm audience and reception.  Reviews are starting to come in and people are really enjoying the film!  Two more dates in the festival, then a few private screenings in LA and NYC and an official theatrical release / soundtrack release on Friday May 5.

April, 2017 -  Click here to preorder "The Lovers" soundtrack on CD!

April, 2017 - The trailer is out for "I Love Dick".  I scored episodes 3-8 and they will all drop on May 12 on Amazon.




March, 2017 - Good news folks!  The Lovers will have a digital soundtrack released on the same day of the premiere (May 5, 2017) on Milan Records.  On June 2, a CD version will be released and possibly a vinyl release will happen in August.

Also, I'm starting a new feature that I'm very excited about and have some great projects on deck.  It's been a great year.

January, 2017 - Recorded "The Lovers" score with a 50piece orchestra in this acoustic dream of a chapel in Seattle and mixed it with the chief engineer over at the historic Avatar Studios in NYC.  Sounds incredible - samples and more photos to come.

December, 2016 -  Finishing up the score for the upcoming A24 feature, "The Lovers", written and directed by my long time collaborator,  Azazel Jacobs.  It is quite a gem of a film and will feature a fully live score performed by a 50 piece orchestra.  Collaborating with the talented Patrick Zimmerli as the orchestrator. 

September, 2016 -  Starting a new feature and doing music supervision on another, both terrific projects.  Going to be a fantastic Fall.  More to come..

August 17, 2016 - "Love, New York" will screen at the edgy Bushwick Film Festival, and has a cool new poster:


July, 2016 - Wrapped up a score for a short film called "Here Lies Us" by a new director, James Rohan.   The film has a beautiful bluish photographic tone to it and builds itself upon subtlty and nuance, so I ended up writing a very minimalistic and ambient electronic score that nods to the early days of synth music, pulling inspiration from my heroes Vangelis and Brian Eno.  

July, 2016 - Lots of new projects in the works and on the horizon, so stay tuned for updates.  I've added a LOT of tracks to my soundcloud page - feel free to skim around.

June, 2016 - Joined forces again with Dionna McMillian on a commercial for a fantstic new service and app called My Fave Places, which should go live soon.  Also did a piano arrangement for a song for a new film by A24.  More to come on that soon!

April, 2016 -  Wrapped up Love, New York and ended up supervising for a jazz song written by and performed by Slim Zwerling.  Working on a commissioned art project now and recently finished up a promo documentary for The Guide Dogs of America.  

Coming April 4 - The Mop & Lucky Files Season 2 airs, featuring a fun score by yours truly. 

March 2, 2016 - Some new projects in the works.  Stay tuned!

Feb 3, 2016 - Mop & Lucky Files trailer is out - show coming soon!

Jan, 2016 -  A new comedy series I scored called The Mop & Lucky Files will air soon - stay tuned!  Also, starting work on a new short Love, New York by a talented up and coming director, Dionna McMillian. 

Dec 4, 2015 -  I have been uploading a lot more music to my soundcloud page.  Since my style is so eclectic, I've organized tracks by genre, enabling the listener to easily skip around and listen in the way they want to.  I will be continuously adding tracks to this page, so check back in or feel free to email me via the contact page with any questions.

Dec 1, 2015 - Finished a score to a series called The Mop & Lucky Files that features some really fun music.  Release date not announced yet, but looking like sometime early in the new year.  I scored the second season and coincidentally the first season's composer shares my last name but we've never met.

July 31, 2015 -  HBO has a start date for Doll & Em set for Saturday, Sept 13, 2015.  Get more info here.

July 2015 -  Having a blast doing a vintagey 70s score for this series.  Details to come..

June 3 2015 - Doll & Em airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK.  It was a blast working on the new series, revisiting some old themes and making some fine new ones.  Will air in the US on HBO again this September.

Mar 2015 - Beginning work on Doll & Em Season Two.  Lots of great cameos again in this season.  Stay tuned!


Feb 27th, 2015 -  Ana Maria in Novela Land opens today in AMC theaters! 

Jan 2015 - Doing a lot of experimental writing, more to come...

Dec 14, 2014 - I've uploaded a few tracks from the forthcoming Ana Maria in Novela Land.  It was a tough decision choosing tracks as there was a lot music for this film and I loved them all.  Sadly, this was Elizabeth Peña's last film, and it was an honor to score her performance.  Read more here.

Dec 8, 2014 - Composing some music for the Governor's Island Art Fair fundraiser.  Love this fair and honored to help out my fellow artists.

Dec 3, 2014 - Doll & Em is picked up by HBO for a second season! Read more about it here.  Excited to be part of this great project.

Nov 21, 2014 - Just wrapped a fun, fun feature with lots and lots of music.  "Ana Maria in Novela Land" starring the late Elizabeth Peña, Luis Guzman, and the incredible Edy Ganem (Devious Maids) and directed by award wining Georgina Riedel.  It will be opening in theaters across the country in February.  More info to come soon as well as some musical samples.

Sept 10, 2014 - Great news!  "Lidschlag der Libelle oder die Schadelnaht am Himmelszelt" (Blink of the Dragonfly) will premiere at the Uppsala International Film Festival in Sweden in October.  This was a collaboration with Vienna artist Barbara Husar that was part of an art installation in a Swiss Airport in 2013.  The film is lovely and it's just fantastic that it will now be celebrated in a film environment.  Listen to the composition on the audio page.

Sept, 2014 - Some new and fun projects are stewing.  Can't wait to tell you more!  Stay tuned..

August 1, 2014 - Doll & Em premieres today at the Melbourne Internationl Film Festival.  It will screen again as a feature, with all six episodes strung together.  You can also still view it on HBO Go.  

July 28, 2014 - A song that I wrote and produced (music and lyrics)  will be appearing in a Lufthansa French web campaign.   Of course it's in French, and I sang this one myself!  Ooh la la!  Check out the track on the Audio page, titled "I Want To Touch You."  Very different from my film stylings.

July 15, 2014 - Terri has now become available on iTunes in many new countries, including the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Japan.  Of course it's available here in the US too.


March 19, 2014 - Doll & Em premieres on HBO tonight at 10pm.  Tune in!

Sept 30, 2013 - Good news!  HBO has picked up Doll & Em!  It should air some time during or after the spring of 2014.  

Oct 10, 2013 - Doll & Em has its WORLD PREMIERE at the 57th London Film Festival, with all episodes showing at once in the style of a feature.  Due to air in the UK on the Sky Network in February of 2014.  

May 15, 2013 - Just wrapped up a new mini-series called "Doll & Em".  It's a gem written by and starring Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells, and directed by a longtime collaborator of mine, Azazel Jacobs.  Due to air in the fall of 2013 on the UK Sky Network.

And also just finished another collaboration with Vienna artist Barbara Husar for her video "Lidschlag der Libelle oder die Schadelnaht am Himmelszelt" that was part of an installation in a Swiss airport.  Listen to this string quartet on the Audio page, titled "Quartet for Libelle".