Mandy Hoffman is a visionary composer and songwriter who has been writing for various mediums for over a decade.  She has scored numerous films, shows, advertisements, and art installations that have appeared in theaters, film festivals, television networks, and galleries all over the world.  

Her collaborations with director Azazel Jacobs have garnered critical acclaim, and high honors were received for indie favorites Terri (2011) and Momma’s Man (2008).  They also collaborated on the HBO/SKY series Doll & Em (2013-2015), and their newest work The Lovers (2017) features a live orchestral score and will be released by A24 in the Spring of 2017.

Most recently, Hoffman has teamed up with Jill Soloway on the upcoming Amazon Studios series titled I Love Dick (2017), and her music can be found on countless television shows including Inside Amy Schumer, American Pickers, and The Voice to name a few.  She has also collaborated with world-class artists including Marcos Lutyens and Barbara Husar to present installations in distinguished galleries located in New York, Paris, Vienna, Switzerland, Sweden, and Los Angeles.

She is a multi-instrumentalist with a keen understanding for dramatic nuance, and can write honestly in many musical styles and genres.  Her style is both unique and versatile.  Noticeably gifted as a child, she easily picked up new instruments and would often improvise compositions and melodies.  After being told countless times that her music sounded “cinematic”, she seriously pursued musical training, first as an award-winning student at Pasadena City College’s prestigious music program and then was certified at UCLA Extension’s celebrated Film Scoring Program.

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