1. Intro & Title (The Lovers)0:00

  2. Racing Home (The Lovers)0:00

  3. Secrets (String Quartet)0:00

  4. Lidschlag Der Libelle (String Quartet)0:00

  5. Dear Dick (I Love Dick)0:00

  6. Still Got It (Doll & Em)0:00

  7. The Play (Doll & Em)0:00

  8. Lost Somewhere0:00

  9. Coney Island (Terri)0:00

  10. Theme Excerpt (Love, New York)0:00

  11. Mop & Lucky Theme 0:00

  12. Cliffhanger (Mop & Lucky)0:00

  13. Dangerous Love (Ana Maria in Novela Land)0:00

  14. Sick and Spinning (Ana Maria in Novela Land)0:00

  15. Sentiments and Synergy0:00

  16. I Want to Touch You (French version)0:00

Some of my favorites, both old and new.

I work comfortably in many styles and genres and if you'd like to hear something specific for a project you're working on, feel free to request some examples.

Also, there is more of a variety of styles and writing on my new soundcloud page.  Feel free to skim around and explore.

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